Big Island Press Club/Social Media Club Hawaii Gathering

The Big Island Press Club (BIPC) social media committee will hold its first event on Thursday, Jan. 30, from 5:00 – 6:30 pm at Country Coffee at Rainbow Falls in Hilo in partnership with the Social Media Club Hawaii (SMCHI).

This is an informal gathering of BIPC to meet one another as well as learn a few tips on social media, in particular Twitter.

SMCHI board member and Big Island representative Denise Laitinen (who is also a BIPC member) will be on hand to demonstrate tips on using Twitter. Other BIPC social media committee members, such as Ili and Baron, will also be on hand to help folks with Twitter.

This low-key event is a way to draw former and potential BIPC members to the club, as well as an opportunity for SMCHI to offer tech support to the community.

The owner of Country Coffee is extending his hours and staying open for our group. He is also offering a discount of half-off coffee drinks during our event.

Country Coffee is a locally owned business directly across the street from Rainbow Falls. They have outdoor seating, as well as a covered lanai. I’m not anticipating a large crowd, but if a lot of people show, the owner of the Country Coffee has offered to provide additional seating tables and chairs and a tent. As a back up plan in the event of rain, he is also reserving the conference room of Hawaii TechWorks, which is right next door. Free wifi is also available through Hawaii TechWorks.

FYI – In addition to coffee, Country Coffee works with several local farms and has an “on-demand” fresh produce program. Customers can call in the morning to order produce (in season) from a local farm and the produce is harvested and delivered to the coffee shop in the afternoon for customers to pick up after work. The owner of Country Coffee will check to see what the farmers have in season and BIPC members can order produce that morning to pick up at the meeting. You can call (808) 896-2372 for more info.