The Lava Tube

Lava tubes bring bad news. Just ask the former residents of Kalapana. But from a metaphorical perspective, a lava tube isn’t just something that destroys your home, lays waste to your land and the roads around it for miles. It can be used to hide secrets. Big secrets. Secrets your government doesn’t want you to […]

HB 2742 is dead

The fight for the people’s right to know notched another victory Tuesday when the chair of the House Judiciary Committee killed HB 2742 (see previous post) by indefinite deferral. 

Oppose House Bill 2742

Take a gander at what the state Legislature is cooking up now. This has to be the ugliest and most outrageous attack on the people’s right to know in many years. All concerned citizens and organizations should testify against this bill in the name of open and transparent government. Any lawmaker who allows this to […]

The Torch of Light

Every year, on or about March 16, the Big Island Press Club honors the person, organization  or government entity that did the best job of supporting the purpose and goals of the Sunshine Law with the Torch of Light award. This honor has usually been eclipsed by its more famous antipode, the dunning Lava Tube […]

Scholarship applications now available

The Big Island Press Club is pleased to announce the availability of college scholarships to students with Big Island ties who are seeking careers in journalism. This is one of the core tenets of the press club’s mission, which is comprised of dozens of Big Island media professionals and supporters of open government. The scholarships […]

BIPC joins effort to save Sunshine Law

Keeping government open is hard, especially when government tries to sneak things through the Legislature — like weakening a key proposal of the Sunshine Law under the guise of improving efficiency. That’s what House Bill 1611 tried to do. This dastardly measure, as originally proposed, would have amended the portion of HRS 92 to allow […]

A history of the Big Island Press Club

(Written by Hugh Clark in 2007, on the occasion of our 40th anniversary, with minor edits) Five reasons the Big Island has survived for four decades and remains a watchdog for openness and credibility and a scholarship provider for 40 years: 1. Beginnings. In 1967 Hilo was like a Greek city-state with many divisions too […]

BIPC goes online … again

HILO — The on again, off again website of the Big Island Press Club is live. We’ve got a new board of directors, a new president and a new presence on the web. So let’s first introduce ourselves again. The Big Island Press Club was founded in 1967 to protect the public’s right to know. […]